Records Retention


Records documenting administrative and clinical actions of
the organization will be retained as described below:

1.  Patient medical records (adult, 10 years; minor, 25) 

2.  Surgery log (10 years)

3.  Medical staff files (permanent)

4.  Employee employment file (5 years, 30 years if
    employee experienced an exposure--OSHA requirement)

5.  Application for employment--applicant interviewed, not
    hired (2 years)  [If no contact made after receipt of
    application, there are no retention requirements]

6.  Policy & procedure manuals (permanent)

7.  Corporate records (permanent)

8.  Minutes:  Governing Body, Medical Executive Committee

9.  Bank statements, check register, patient accounting
    (7 years)

10. Tax returns (permanent)

11. General ledger (7 years)

12. Insurance policies (permanent)


All retained records shall be secured in order to protect 

confidentiality of concerned parties.  Access to retained 

records will be authorized by the Medical Director or 



A log of destroyed records will be kept.  The log will 

include detailed information regarding the reason for 

destruction, the method used to destroy the record, the date 

and the location of the record destruction.


Approved By Governing Board


Control #5.4