FDA banning 19 chemicals found in antibacterial soaps

        ABC World News Tonight (9/2, story 9, 1:25, Llamas) reported, “The FDA is banning the use of 19 chemicals commonly found in antibacterial soaps, saying not only do they not do any good, they may actually do harm.”

        On NBC Nightly News (9/2, story 3, 2:20, Roberts), NBC’s Tom Costello said, “The FDA is most concerned about liquid soaps that contain triclosan or triclocarbon, which research suggests could spur drug-resistant bacteria, even interfere with estrogen and testosterone levels.”

        USA Today (9/2, Weintraub) reported, “Products with 19 antibacterial ingredients...must be reformulated or removed from stores within a year, the FDA announced Friday.” The use of “cleaners with the 19 specified ingredients could increase bacterial resistance, making it harder to fight disease, and may affect hormones...said” Theresa Michele of the FDA’s Division of Non-prescription Drug Products.

        Reuters (9/2) reported that the agency “had proposed banning the ingredients in 2013 unless companies could prove they were safe and effective, but was unsatisfied with the data.”