Handling and Disposal of Contaminated Sharps

1.  All needles and syringes will be placed in designated 
    receptacle immediately following use. This
    organization does not re-use single use syringes or
    needles. If syringes and/or needles are used during   
    surgical procedure, they will be disposed of in the
    designated receptacle immediately following procedure.
2.  All sharps should be placed in designated receptacle 
    immediately following procedure.
3.  All broken glass (slides, vials or bottles, etc.) is 
    picked up by personnel wearing gloves and using 
    mechanical means such as dust pan and brush.  This glass 
    must be immediately placed in a designated receptacle.  
    If the broken glass contains any contaminated materials, 
    the mechanical devices must be thoroughly decontaminated 
    prior to reuse; if decontamination is not possible, the 
    devices must be discarded in the contaminated waste 
4.  Designated receptacles for sharps, glass and syringes 
    will be sealed per manufacturer's directions and 
    disposed of in the contaminated waste area.
5.  Appropriate receptacles shall be provided in all areas
    of patient care.
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #125.0