Disaster Guidelines

In case of a disaster of any kind, the ultimate concern is 
the safety of the patients, visitors, employees and 
professional staff members.
1.  All staff shall participate in the following:
    A.  Quarterly disaster drills, including at least one 
        annual drill dedicated to testing the fire alarm 
        system. (If Medicare certified; 4 fire drills a year
        with 50% unannounced)  and, if applicable, one 
        annual malignant hyperthermia (MH) drill.  The MH 
        drill must be done if any MH triggers are kept on 
        site.  Succinyl-choline is a trigger.  
    B.  In service programs as appropriate, including 
        critiques of fire and disaster drills
2.  All staff shall receive disaster preparedness orientation 
    as soon as possible following hire; this orientation to 
    A.  Location and operation of all exits
    B.  Location and operation of all fire alarm pulls
    C.  Location and operation of all fire extinguishers
    D.  Location and operation of fire and smoke barrier 
        doors, if any
    E.  Location of utility shut offs (gas, medical gases, 
        electrical and water)
    F.  Initiation of auxiliary power source
3.  All staff shall observe good fire prevention and safety 
    practices by:

 A.  Promptly reporting any known fire or life hazard 
    B.  Maintaining clear hallways and exits 
    C.  Enforcing the established 'No Smoking' rules
    D.  The proper disposal of trash
4.  In the event of an emergency requiring external emergency 
    personnel, the following duties will be performed by the 
    personnel holding the designated title:
    A.  Dial 911:  Receptionist
    B.  Proceed to front of building to help guide emergency 
        personnel to correct suite:  Billing Personnel
    C.  Notify OR personnel of emergency underway, assuming 
        emergency not in OR:  Office Manager
    D.  Retrieve patient sign-in list to allow accounting for 
        safe disposition of every patient:  Receptionist
    E.  Following evacuation, assure that all staff, 
        patients, and visitors have exited:  Medical Director

Approved By Governing Board
Control #187.1