Clinical Information Manager

Clinical Information Manager

Mina Zheng

With an outstanding passion for her work, Mina has gained a long list of accomplishments. One of her best achievements involved getting over 500 new organ donors for UNYTS. Through that experience, she not only learned how to persevere despite consistent rejection, but also how to be understanding of different people's beliefs and core values. "It was a valuable experience and one that has led to my greatest achievement."

What do you look for when choosing a doctor?

"When I choose a doctor, I look for a teacher, someone who has listened to my worries and is able to explain to me the diagnosis, background, and how I may have attained the illness. Awareness is key for preventing many medical conditions and a good doctor will do just that, inform and enhance."

What do you like most about working in the medical industry?

"Knowing that I have improved a persons quality of life so that they can perform all their usual daily activities without any worry or pain."

Outside of Gupta Gastro, Mina enjoys reading, playing the piano and creating new memories amongst friends.