Acknowledgment of Review of Policies

Any employee having difficulty in reading and/or 
understanding any of the policies, provisions or conditions 
concerning this Manual should contact his/her supervisor.  It 
is very important that the policies are understood by all 
employees.  Assistance will be made available to those 
employees for whom English is not their first language.  If 
an employee does not request assistance it is assumed that 
the employee fully understands the information contained in 
this Policy and Procedure Manual.
At the time of hiring, and on the occasion of each annual 
review, each employee is required to review the employment 
policies and office procedures and to document such review 
via his/her signature.
I acknowledge having the opportunity to review the manual 
describing the Personnel and Administrative Policies and 
Procedures.  I agree to thoroughly familiarize myself with 
all of the contents of this manual and to abide by its 
policies and procedures.  I understand that from time to time 
this manual will be updated; such changes or additions will 
become an integral part of the office policies and procedures.
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Signature _______________________________________
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Approved By Governing Board    
Control #173.0