DF.3 Anesthesia Equipment

-All Anesthesia Equipment associated with delivery of anesthesia should meet performance and safety  criteria established by the organization and that is consistent with the manufacturer's written instructions.  
-Written information regarding safety and testing methods, warranties, and a manual for maintenance and -  inspections should be maintained.  
-Before use, all anesthesia related equipment should be tested according to manufacturers' written instructions and  the safety standards of the organization.  
-Specifically anesthesia machines should receive routine maintenance on a regular schedule by qualified, trained personnel,  according to manufacturers' written instructions. 

-A record of scheduled service as well as documentation regarding any emergency repairs made will be maintained.
-If anesthetic gases are utilized; a scavenging system is in place and the volume of anesthetic gases is monitored.


Approved By Governing Board
Control #283.2
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