Accounts Receivable


A professional attitude shall be used whenever communicating
with patients and insurance companies regarding payment for
services rendered.  Appropriate staff will assure that the
patient understands the implications of his insurance
coverage, if any and the resulting personal financial
obligation and responsibility for payment for services

For patients who have a sizable financial obligation after
payment by insurance, or for patients who have no insurance
coverage, a payment contract or the use of a credit card may
offer the opportunity to satisfy the financial obligation.


Charges for service will be posted, referencing procedure
codes and diagnosis codes.  Insurance billing will be done,
if applicable.

Payments will be posted to the accounts, along with any
contractual adjustments.  Balance due will be billed to
secondary insurance or balance-billed to the patient.

Month end reports will be printed and distributed to
management personnel.

Payments received by mail from insurance companies and from
the patient will be posted on a daily basis with contractual
adjustments taken when the payments are posted.  Accounts
shall be regularly reviewed; billing follow-up and appeals
will be done as appropriate.  When refunds are generated as a 

consequence of overpayment, the refund will be sent to the 
appropriate party--whether insurance company or patient. 
For those patients wishing to satisfy their balance due via a 
financial agreement, the patient or responsible party will be 
required to sign a contract prior to the procedure.  Patient 
or responsible party will be given a copy of the signed 
agreement, and the original will be maintained by the 
Accounts Receivable Office.
1.  The agreement will state clearly the amount to be paid
    and the date payment is due.
2.  This organization will make every effort to work with
    patients experiencing financial hardships. Failure to
    make timely payments may result in the account being
    turned over to collections.
Delinquent accounts will be assigned for collection activity 
only upon the approval of the Medical Director.

Approved By Governing Board


Control #3.1