Documentation: Disaster Drills (Directions Only)

The Governance Manual table of contents has a tab for 
documentation of Disaster Drills.  All drills should be 
written up (either on the form we provide or in some other 
narrative format). The drills must include a critique and 
include a list of all participants.
Or you can use this area to point the surveyor to where those 
documents are filed; Drill Log, etc.
Although the governance volume is located in the Policy and 
Procedure manual, documentation that surrounds Governance 
should be in its own 3 ring binder.
The Governance Volume was created to as a double check to 
assure that the organization is completing all of its tasks 
surrounding Governance.  
The Governance Manual Table Of Contents in the Governance 
section of the forms repository has directions for setting up 
tabs for the documents which prove you are a business entity; 
i.e., articles of incorporation, partnership agreement, etc. 
This table of contents on the forms repository is meant for 
your separate binder titled Governance.
You can use this area and the other areas (GE.1 through 
GE.16) within this volume to indicate to staff and the 
surveyor where those documents are filed; i.e., Corporate 
Records Book stored in Administrative file, Governance 


Binder, Minutes Binder, Drills Binder, Safety Inspections 
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consultant's approval.  Once you have read these 
instructions, and made any modifications, you must click the 
accept button.
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Control #99.1