Patient Education Activities

Clinical staff members shall conduct appropriate patient 
teaching activities consistent with the specialties 
represented and procedures performed at this office-based 
surgery center.  While nurturing healthful diet, exercise, 
and activities of daily living are the province of every 
health care professional, the role of overall patient 
educator belongs with the patient's primary care provider.  
As a specialty organization, this organization is ready to 
provide information adjunctive to the services we provide to 
our patients, other members of our medical community, and to 
the community at large.
The patient will be informed that, in the event of any 
unforeseen circumstances, any outpatient procedure may 
require inpatient admission to the hospital.
During the pre-admission evaluation, the person conducting 
the evaluation will provide pre-operative teaching subsequent 
to evaluating the patient's identified learning need, 
barriers (religious, cultural, emotional), and limitations to 
The patient will learn about the procedure to be performed, 
medications (if any) to be discontinued or started prior to 
surgery/procedure, and fasting requirements (if any).
The patient and family education process is collaborative and 
interdisciplinary, as appropriate to the plan of care and 
considers the needs and abilities of all parties.

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #87.0