Death of Patient

1.  In the event of a death at this organization, clinical
    employees will immediately notify the most-readily-
    available doctor; the patient will be pronounced by the
    doctor or transported by EMS personnel.
2.  The doctor will document the time of death and how the
    death was determined.
3.  The coroner's office will be notified of the death by the
    appropriate clinical person.  All medical equipment, 
    lines, etc. must remain attached to the patient until the
    coroner authorizes removal.
4.  The patient's doctor shall notify the patient's family
    of the death.
5.  Disposition of the body will be handled according to 
    regulations of the County Coroner's Office.
6.  Personal belongings of the deceased shall be surrendered
    to the person responsible for the patient, upon receipt 
    of a signed inventory.  This shall be kept on patient's 
7.  The completed patient medical record shall be secured and
    reviewed by the appropriate Quality Management personnel
    and by the Medical Director.
8.  As required by State law and by accrediting agency
    standards the proper organizations will be contacted and
    notified of a patient death.

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #79.1