Crash Cart also called Banyan Kit at our organization : 

Emergency drugs and supplies, used only in case of a medical emergency, shall be immediately available, located in the crash cart.  The Crash cart contents will be listed in a log maintained outside of the cart. 
The anesthesia provider and the medical director will determine the contents of the cart. Drugs used for management of anesthesia, and drugs used to prevent accidental deeper stages of anesthesiology are also kept in a drawer near the anesthesiologist labeled "Emergency Drugs". These drugs have also been provided to facilitate expeditious administration of emergency drugs in the event that the time to retrieve the crash cart is deemed to lengthy and jeopardizes the patients safety. Contents of these drawers are provided in our office documentation and policies. 

1.  The crash cart will remain sealed, with a numbered seal
    intact, at all times when not in use.  The seal will be
    legitimately removed only when an emergency situation
    arises or by staff to re-check the contents. 
2.  Under no circumstances will the contents of the crash
    cart be used for routine care; the anesthesia provider
    will not be allowed to work out of the cart i.e. utilize emergency medications for 
    management of the patient; there by affecting  the 
  quantity of the 'crash cart' medications.
3.  Drugs stocked on the crash cart shall conform with the
    inventory sheet maintained on the cart.
4.  The crash cart shall be located in an area accessible to
    the Operating Room and the areas used for recovery.
5.  The integrity of the crash cart will be checked on every
    surgery day by verifying that the seal is intact.
    Qualified personnel will be assigned to inspect the crash
    cart for completeness and functioning of equipment at
    least monthly or at any time that it is observed that the
    twist-off seal has been removed for legitimate or
    illegitimate purposes.  The crash cart log will be
    completed at each inspection--whether physical or visual.
6.  Medications will be checked monthly for expiration dates
    and replaced as needed.
7.  All personnel in the facility will be oriented as to the
    location of the crash cart.
8.  All professional personnel will participate in regular
    Code drills.

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #78.3