Guidelines: IV Therapy

Only a Registered Nurse or an IV-certified LVN may perform a 
venipuncture for the purpose of initiating intravenous 
therapy; sterile technique is used during this process.
All other aspects of intravenous management are performed 
according to the policies and procedures of this organization.
When intravenous flow rate is not specified, the flow rate 
shall be regulated at a rate to keep the vein open until a 
physician's order can be obtained.
Upon the order of a Provider Staff member, a Registered Nurse 
or an IV-certified LVN may perform venipuncture to start an 
IV for the purpose of IV therapy.  Unless denied by the Staff 
member, topical or subcutaneous local anesthetic may be used 
to assure the comfort of the patient.
If the Staff member ordering the procedure has not specified 
a flow rate, the flow rate shall be established as 'TKO' (to 
keep open) until the physician's order can be clarified.

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #70.0