Use of Electrocautery Equipment

Electrocautery is a therapeutic modality used only upon the 
order of physician.
1.  The mechanical cautery units should be subjected to 
    routine biomedical inspection and certification pursuant 
    to manufacturer's recommendations.  Staff should
    carefully inspect each piece of equipment before each use.
2.  Manufacturer's instructions should be carefully followed, 
    including the use of properly-sized grounding and/or 
    insulating pad(s).
3.  Care should be taken to assure that cleansing and wound 
    care solutions do not migrate and touch the pad.
4.  Equipment should be maintained in the 'off' setting until 
    activated at the direction of the physician.
5.  Cautery equipment should be removed from the 
    surgical field when it is not in use.
6.  All pads used during the cautery process should be 
    accounted for at the completion of the procedure and the 
    treated area evaluated by the circulating nurse.

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #62.0