Attire for Surgical Suite
Appropriate attire is required in all clinical areas to assure an environment in which the respective activities of the area can be accomplished. Most of these rules are not applicable because this organization does not perform procedures requiring a sterile field.
PROCEDURE: (for 'clean' procedures)
1.  A clean set of clothing is required daily.  When pants are donned, care must be taken that the pant leg is not
    dragged on the floor.

2.  In the interest of safety, sandals are not acceptable footwear in the clinical areas.
3.  Clean gloves are to be worn by all personnel handling patients or equipment if they have any cuts, sores,
    rashes, etc. on their hands.  These gloves are to be changed between patients and whenever becoming wet,
    soiled or torn.
4.  The hands and arms must be free of excessive jewelry during direct patient care.  Necklaces and earrings 
    must be contained within the appropriate covering.
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #59.0