Admitting: Expeditious Processing of Paperwork

All patients are efficiently and expeditiously admitted for 
1.  The patient will be admitted by appropriate staff persons.
2.  If any forms are unsiqned, admitting personnel will
    obtain needed signatures.  Any consent forms signed on
    the day of surgery will include the time that the 
    signature was obtained (e.g., 8:45 am).  Consent forms 
    may not be signed once the patient has ingested any
    medication with implications for effect on the patient's 
    decision-making capabilities.
3.  The staff person admitting the patient will determine if
    the full consent for surgery has been read and understood
    by the patient.  If there is any question as to the
    patient's understanding of the consent, or to the 
    accuracy of the consent, the Provider Staff member will 
    be contacted immediately.
4.  Office personnel will witness signatures as indicated on 
    the form(s).
5.  When the admitting process is complete, the patient will
    be escorted to the area in which the procedure will be
6.  All questions regarding the procedure to be performed
    will be referred to clinical personnel or medical staff.

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #56.0