The Admitting Process

All patients are efficiently and expeditiously admitted with 
concern and sensitivity for the patient's needs and concerns.
1.  The patient will be admitted to the facility by 
    designated employees.
2.  The patient will be greeted by the receptionist and 
    requested to sign any necessary consent which remain 
3.  The employee admitting the patient will ensure that the 
    full consent for surgery has been read and understood by 
    the patient.  If there is any question as to the 
    accuracy of the consent, the surgical nurse or physician 
    will be contacted before consent is signed.
4.  Office personnel will witness signatures and authenticate 
    as indicated on form(s).
5.  As necessary, office personnel will make copies of 
    insurance identification card(s).
6.  When the admitting procedure is complete, appropriate 
    staff will transport the patient to the area in which the 
    procedure will be performed.
7.  All personnel will maintain a professional manner and 
    exhibit a caring and friendly attitude in all dealings 
    with patients and patient family members.
8.  All clinical questions from the patient or the patient's 
    family will be referred to nursing or medical staff.
9.  All personnel administering to patient will verify 
    identification prior to any treatment by directly querying
    the patient. 
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #54.1