Opening and Closing of Procedure/Operating Suite

1.  Each working day the first person on duty will perform 
    the following: 
    A.  Review the daily procedure schedule and verify 
        completeness of surgical charts.
    B.  In the procedure room to be utilized, verify that standard 
        cleaning protocol has been followed by janitorial 
    C.  Connect equipment scheduled to be used if not connected.
    D.  Gather the equipment and supplies needed for the 
        first scheduled procedure and transport to the room. 
    E.  As requested, assist anesthesia provider in checking
        routine supplies kept in OR suite.
2.  At the end of each working day, assigned personnel will 
    remove any extra equipment and supplies that may have 
    been brought into the suite specific to any procedure.

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #53.1