Influenza Vaccination Program

Gupta Gastro supports and provides an annual influenza vaccination program for all staff. This include any persons who are hired to provide care, treatment and services at these facilities. This also includes per diem and ancillary staff since there is evidence to support that any staff member may have the capability to transmit the influenza virus. In order to improve compliance and minimize harm to our patient population, staff will receive annual education sessions before every influenza season regarding prevention, diagnosis, transmission and the impact of influenza. In addition to education sessions, an environment and culture to promote vaccination among staff will be supported. 

Gupta Gastro recognizes that influenza is a significant health issue that is associated with significant morbidity and mortality especially among the elderly population. Since our organization is highly concerned about patient care, we plan to improve our staffs vaccination rate to 90% by 2018. In order to limit harm to our patients in the interim, we plan to recommend that all staff who do not receive vaccinations for the 2016-2017 season must wear face masks within our facilities during the influenza season. 
Gupta Gastro will review and collect reasons given by staff and licensed independent practitioners for declining influenza vaccination. The vaccination rate of the organization will be measured and if necessary, a plan of action will be made to improve vaccination rates for the following season. 

Approved By Governing Board    
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