Cellular Phone Policy for Employees

Cellular phones may be used during work hours subject to the 
following protocols:
Note: Use of cellular (cell) phones includes texting, 
accessing the internet, answering emails, game playing, or 
any other function capable of a cellular phone. 
Use of the cell phone will only occur during breaks or lunch 
periods. The only exception will be for true emergencies. 
There will be no use of the cellular phone when utilizing 
organizational equipment. This includes if the employee is 
driving a car on organizational business.  If the individual 
needs to utilize the cell phone related to business during 
this driving period the employee will either pull over or 
utilize a hands free system. 
It is not the responsibility of the employer should the 
employee's cell phone become damaged or lost while at work. 
Should any of the above protocols be violated and an incident 
occurs in relation to cell phone usage; the employee will be 
personally and financially responsible for any damages or 
If a cell phone is purchased by the organization and issued 
to the employee; this phone is to be utilized strictly for 
business purposes only. 

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #377.0