Re-opening of the Organization after an Emergency Closure

Since every organization is different; specialty, types and 
number of employees, patient population, services, and 
location the following is meant to help the organization 
think through the re-opening process after emergency closure.
Here are some things to think about for re-opening after an 
emergency closure; physical facility did not sustain any 
damage, physical facility did sustain damage; employees are 
capable of returning to work, employees are not able to 
return to work (transportation, family issues)
If the physical facility was without damage; things to 
Notifying employees regarding returning to work
        Provisions for working with a limited staff, if all
        employees are unable to return to work
        Notifying patients regarding re-opening and
        scheduling and rescheduling of appointments
        Limiting working hours and ramping back up to a full 
If the physical facility was damaged; things to consider:
Type and limit of damage
        Contacting appropriate companies, individuals etc to
        start repairs
Keeping employees and patients informed of the
             Does the organization need to send patients to
    other providers due to the extent of the damage?
       What is the condition of patient charts within the    
       What is the condition of supplies within the facility?
       If the organization was EMR; retrieval of back up  
       (this also should make the organization think about
       where back up is stored; it should not be on site!)

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Control #374.0