Medication Reconciliation
Medication reconciliation is the process of comparing a patient's medication orders to all of the medications that 
the patient has been taking. This reconciliation is done to avoid medication errors such as omissions, duplication, dosing errors, or drug interactions. In this organization reconciliation is done at every transition of care in which new medications are ordered or existing orders are rewritten. These transitions or changes can occur in the setting, service, practitioner or level of care. This organization adheres to the following process:  

1) On the patient's first visit a list of current medications is established, with input from the patient. A good faith effort will be made to obtain the name, dose, route, frequency and purpose of the medication (this includes over the counter medications, herbals, and all vitamins). 
2) A list of medications to be prescribed is developed and recorded into our electronic medical record.
3) This list is available to all practitioners involved in the patients care in our facility on our electronic medical record
This organization will not use blanket orders such as resume all medications post operatively.
The patient's medication list will be referenced on each visit to the organization and whenever ordering or 
prescribing medications. Reconciliation information will be easily located and identified on the patients electronic medical chart. A standardized form will be used for collecting the patient's medication list on our software.
 On discharge from the facility, patient will be provided with information about any new medication they have been prescribed. This information will include the name of the medication, the dose, frequency, route and the reason for taking it. Patients will be counseled regarding the importance of understanding and managing their medications.

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #373.1
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