Employee Health

Any employee, with an infectious disease or lesion, who provides direct or indirect patient care should consult with 
a supervisor and/or the Medical Director.  Employees returning to work following an infectious disease must 
receive clearance from the Medical Director, or designee, before resuming patient care responsibilities.
 Employees should not provide direct patient care when infected with the following:
1.  Upper Respiratory Infections:  The employee may be relieved of duty depending on the nature or severity of
    the illness.  Before returning to duty, the employee 
    should report to the Safety Officer.
        - All staff is encouraged to participate in the
          organization's influenza vaccination program. 
2.  Herpes Simplex, Herpes Zoster:  Employees with cold 
    sores, shingles, or areas of recent vaccination should 
    not have direct patient contact until lesions have
    crusted over and are no longer draining.
3.  Draining Lesions, e.g. Boils:  Personnel will report to
    the Medical Director to determine if they should be
    caring for patients or handling blood.  Cultures of
    lesions may be required.
4.  Gastrointestinal Illness:  Recent gastrointestinal 
    illness known to be caused by an infectious organism and
    undiagnosed vomiting.
5.  Employees With Exposure to a Documented or Suspected Case
    of Hepatitis:  Any exposure must be treated according to 
    OSHA's exposure control plan and processes must exist 
    for caring for the person exposed.

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #342.3