Assistants to Licensed Independent Practitioners

A single set of criteria will be used to judge the competency 
of all clinicians who provide care, treatment, and services 
within the organization, regardless of whether they are an 
employee of the organization or an employee of a licensed 
independent practitioner in the organization. 
Prior to the provision of care, treatment or services, the 
qualifications and competence of the non-employee individual, 
brought in to the organization by a licensed independent 
practitioner to provider care, treatment or services, within 
the scope of the organization's services are assessed by the 
organization and determined to be commensurate with the 
qualifications and competence required if the individual were 
to be employed by the organization. 
The qualifications and performance/competency of each of the 
above described individual will be assessed at the same 
frequency as individuals employed by the organization. 
Should this service which is to be provided by the individual 
not be currently performed by anyone employed by the 
organization, it is the Medical Director's responsibility to 
consult the appropriate professional organization guidelines 
with respect to expectations for credentials and competence.
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #338.1