Monitoring the Temperature of the Refrigerator

Many drugs requiring refrigeration may not tolerate long deviations from the storage temperature specified by their manufacturer. Appropriate attempts will be made to maintain these conditions. 

This organization utilizes commercial grade refrigeration purpose built to store medications. Medical refrigerators are equipped with a permanent calibrated traceable thermometer that records the historic high and low temperatures of the refrigerator indefinitely. Our refrigerators thermostat is set to maintain the thermometers temperature between 40-46. Only medications approved by the medical director are allowed to be kept in the refrigerator.

The refrigerator is kept locked overnight. The medical director will only unlock the refrigerator once it is determined that the performance of refrigerator was adequate. The performance of the refrigerator is also monitored by periodic checks of the traceable thermometer. Should the temperature be out of normal range (either higher or lower) by 3 degrees, the medical director will be notified and a decision will be made as to the next appropriate action. This action may consist of disposing of medications that could not tolerate the temperature deviation or may consist of servicing/replacing the refrigerator.  The traceable thermometer records the historic highs and lows of the refrigerator indefinitely. This thermometer will be checked periodically. 

The organizations does not have medications that require freezer temperatures. Thus we do not have freezer equiptment to store these products.
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #320.2