Appointment, Re-Appointment

Privileges granted are specific to the organization. 
At this time privileges exist for: Anesthesia, Internal 
Medicine and Gastroenterology
Individuals must complete an application, supply the 
organization for viewing, a valid government issued photo 
identification issued by a state or federal agency (e.g. 
drivers license or passport) that the individual being 
credentialed and granted privileges is the same individual 
identified in the credentialing documents, agree to the 
credentialing process, please see the Credentialing and 
Privileging policy located in this volume of the Policies and 
Procedure manual provide facility with letters of 
recommendation, and provide for facility's files, copy of 
license, DEA, malpractice and any other specifics requested 
by the organization.
This organization has determined key elements of orientation 
which should occur before licensed independent practitioners 
provide care, treatment and services.  This orientation will 
be documented and placed in the provider/employee's file. 
All staff are appointed by the Credentialing Committee or the 
Medical Director/Governing Board for a term of two years. 
Renewal of appointment is based upon the policy of the 
credentialing committee with input received from the Peer 
Review Committee.  Please see the Credentialing and 

Privileging policy located in this volume of the Policies and 
Procedures manual. 
Maintenance of quality of patient care is the reason for 
reassessing competence through a renewal of privileges 
process.  Maintaining competence is an important aspect of 
for several reasons. 
1.  Procedural dexterity will optimize patient comfort and
2.  Performance of a procedure too infrequently may lead to 
    missed or inappropriate diagnoses with potentially 
    significant adverse consequences.
3.  Changes in instrumentation and technology require 
    ongoing familiarity with new equipment and techniques
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #319.2