Scope of Services : 

The facility has 2 addresses. One is located at 130 Ave P on the first floor and the other is at 238 Beach 20 th street, Farrockaway.   Brookly facility is approximately 2500 square feet large. This includes 2 exam rooms, 2 treatment rooms, one procedure room and 3 recovery rooms. 

FarRockaway facility is 1500 sq feet large, has 2 exam rooms, 1 treatment room which doubles as exam room, one procedure room, 2 step down beds which are also the recovery areas.
These facilities provide total care for the patient needing OR 
DESIRING endoscopic procedures - EGD ( upper endoscopy) and or colonoscopy.    All patients receive 'before 
and after' care related to the following procedures:
EGD ( upper endoscopy ) with out without biopsy/polyp removal

Colonoscopy with our without biopsy/polyp removal.

And all before and after care procedures including blood drawing, EKG, pregnancy tests, blood sugar finger stick test.
The operating physician with input from anesthesia providers 
determines patient selection.   This process utilizes patient 
interview, as well as examination.  The selection is made 
based on medical and psychosocial information obtained from 
the primary/referring physician, patient and patient's family.
The organization provides care for the patient from 16
years of age to 85 years of age, therefore this 
organization  does not  perform procedures on pediatric patients. 

Patients age, weight, height, co-morbidities are considered by the physicians and

the final decision is the surgeon and or the anesthesiologist's and not based solely on age. 

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #317.6