Staff Requests For Not Working In A Given Area

Employees are hired for distinct areas and duties. Therefore, 
all potential staff is given ample information describing 
their particular areas of work. 
Specifically, at this time all employees are now interviewed 
and are willing to work with all patient populations 
regardless of race, religion, or type of communicable disease.
A section was added to the employee application that 
addresses the issue of refusing an assignment based on the 
above criteria.
However, if at any time an employee feels uncomfortable in a 
patient care situation or in dealing with any patient 
administrative issues, for any reason, the staff member 
should feel free to inform the medical director. This staff 
member will make the request to not participate in the 
patient care situation and present at least one alternate 
staff member that can assume the patient care responsibility

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #312.0