Personal Protective Equipment Standard

Personal Protective Equipment or PPE is available to all 
personnel. All personnel must know the location of the PPE 
for each area.  
Procedure Suite staff has available to them:
    -   Face mask/face visor/goggles
    -   Gloves, sterile and non sterile
    -   Impervious Gowns
    -   Shoe covers, optional
Scrubs are provided for the staff and are laundered at the 
expensive of the facility.  No scrub suit is to be worn 
outside of the facility.
Office/exam room staff has in each room, non sterile gloves. 
Procedures are limited in these rooms.  However, if warranted 
the exam room staff has the previous mentioned items 
available for their use.
Any employee with Latex allergy will be provided with 
non-sterile Latex free gloves.

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #307.0