Security Management Plan

This organization is especially concerned with the safety and security of our staff, patients and their belongings. This includes staffs personal files and patients medical records. The purpose of this plan is to insure an environment free of potential hazards and security concerns that could affect the patients served and employees within the facility. 
The following are objectives of the facility:
    -   Frequent identification of security concerns regarding patients, visitors, personnel and their belongings.
    -   Correct Identification of staff and patients
    -   Providing access control to sensitive areas. This includes patient areas, areas containing controlled substances, and ares of patient charts.
    -   Addressing any security management plans during regularly scheduled meetings. 
    -   Frequent review of all objectives, plans, and scope of the Security Management Plan.

The security regarding the charts is as follows:
    -   No charts will be left lying about, unattended.
    -   No charts will be left out of the filing system at  the end of the day.  
 -   The charts will be locked down after the practice closes for the evening. 
The security regarding the computers is as follows:

    -  Charts are kept in locked and secured section of facility. Window must prevent intruder access but at the same time allow ventilation for staff. Windows in this area are either locked permanently, can only open a limited amount, or are protected by burglar screens. 
    -   The computers were placed in the facility in such a manner that other patients could not view the screens 
    when conversing with receptionist or other administrative staff.
    -   All computers are password protected

     - No patient information is stored on local hard drives.

    - EMR access is password protected

    - EMR only communicates with server though HTTPS protocol and SSL encryption
The security regarding patient's valuables is as follows:
    -   On all written pre-procedural instructions, patients are strongly urged not to bring valuables of any type
        to the facility. However, if the patient insists and brings valuables to the office, the valuables will 
        be returned to the responsible adult or locked in  the a secure area, with limited access.  This action 
        will be witnessed.
    -   Items belonging to the patient will be safeguarded; such items will be placed on the patient's gurney or 
        in the postoperative area of the facility during the procedure; or, the items may be placed in a bag, 
        labeled, and placed into a cabinet.  In the event the patient is transferred, the clothing is placed 
        into a belongings bag and marked with the patient's name.  It will be transported with the patient to 
        the new facility/organization.

     - The facility is constantly monitored and recorded by hard drive based security cameras. Valuables reported missing/stolen by patients or staff is taken seriously. The recordings of the cameras will be reviewed and handed to the appropriate authorities.

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #303.4