Safety Management Plan

This organization participates in ongoing efforts to provide 
a safe environment for all employees, patients, and visitors. 
The goal of this plan is to insure an environment free of 
potential hazards and safety concerns that could affect the 
patients served and employees within the facility.
The following are objectives of the organization:
    -   Providing awareness, monitor, and evaluate the safety 
        issues surrounding the building, grounds, equipment, 
        and occupants.
    -   Preventive maintenance on all equipment
    -   Specifying a safety officer and maintaining a safety 
    -   Reporting and investigating all incidents that 
        involve property damage, occupational illness, and 
        patient, employee, or visitor injury.
    -   Requiring safety policies that are taught, 
        understood, and enforced.  
    -   Review and evaluate the scope, objective, and 
        effectiveness of safety policies as needed, but no 
        less than annually. 
    -   Maintain on going hazard surveillance and 

 communication program
    -   Maintaining and adhering to a Risk Management policy,
        see Volume 1
    -   Monitoring of Product Safety Recalls with appropriate
        follow up on any recalls.(Policy, Volume 1)
    -   Strict enforcement of a No Smoking Policy (Volume 1)
    -   Conducting Monthly Safety Inspections with documented
    -   Insuring all employees receive safety training both
        on initial orientation and annually which also
        includes participation in safety drills.
    -   Annual review of the plan
    -   The safety officer/committee as well as the Medical  
        director are responsible for continued development, 
        implementation and monitoring of the overall plan
    -   All staff are responsible for adhering to safety
        rules, reporting any concerns regarding safety, 
        reporting accidents, and reporting any unsafe 
        conditions immediately.  
    -   All staff will utilize PPE as required.  
This facility maintains a Safety Manual/OSHA Manual. It is 
reviewed annually or sooner if needed, by the safety officer.

The facility also participates in the Chemical Hazard 
Communication Program. 
At this time the safety officer will be the Medical Director.
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #302.1