Scrub Sink Cleaning Plan

This facility has separate sinks for washing instruments and hands. Most of the rules in this policy are not applicable but included for future reference.
The scrub sink will be disinfected after washing instruments 
in the sink.  The following method will be utilized.
A basin positioned within the scrub sink is utilized for 
washing of instruments.  Once the sink has been utilized for 
the washing of instruments, the sink, faucets and surrounding 
rim will be disinfected by washing the aforementioned areas 
with a germicidal, disinfectant.
This will be accomplished in a routine that will not allow 
for error, i.e. the disinfecting of the scrub sink will occur 
immediately after washing instruments. The surgeon is then 
allowed to utilize the sink for scrubbing.  The surgeon is 
also aware that he must inquire if the sink has been cleaned 
before scrubbing for the next case, as part of the check and 
balance system.
The surgery day will always end with the cleansing and 
disinfecting of the scrub sink portion of the cycle.
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #297.0