Emergency Management Plan

This organization maintains the precept of being prepared to 
deliver services to patients, in the event of a disaster 
situation that may impact patient care but only until 'care' 
can safely be curtailed.  Since this organization's services 
are not lifesaving there will be, in the view of ultimate 
patient and employee safety, specific times when the leader 
and others will concur in halting services.  
The goal of this plan is to establish processes and systems 
that allow for the implementation of procedures; responding 
to a variety of emergency situations or disasters that allow 
for the safety of patients, staff, and others.  
The following are objectives of the facility:
    -orientation and ongoing education of staff in the
     ability to respond to various emergency situations
    -assurance of capability of the staff to notify proper 
     authorities outside the organization of an emergency by 
     dialing appropriate authorities
    -Providing an emergency communication system during 
     disasters and emergencies
    -Providing identified alternative sources or plans for 
     essential utilities and equipment. 
    -Able to safely evacuate the total or partial facility.
    -Managing patients, staff and others safely during
     disasters or emergencies, including but not limited to 
     control of patient information, transfer and discharge 
   of patients, re-scheduling of hours, complete 
     discontinuation of services, providing haven during 
     disasters, and other situations that may arise
    -Review and evaluate the scope, objective, and 
     effectiveness of emergency policies as needed, but no 
     less than annually. 
This organization has both critical processes; essential 
functions that must be maintained during an emergency event 
and non-critical processes; which are not essential to the 
functioning of the organization during an emergency event.  
Since the organization is Office Based Surgery the organization may choose to cease providing 
services based on any emergency event that could jeopardize 
patients, staff or others. To assist in completing the 
continuity of the overall emergency management plan, this 
organization maintains a disruptive action/mitigation plan; 
based on analysis of critical processes and the 
organization's hazard vulnerability. This plan is posted in 
pertinent locations and is reviewed and updated as 
information becomes available.  
    -Emergency Management is the responsibility of the 
     Safety Committee and the Medical Director.
All patients would be transferred to the Hospital under the 
admitting privileges of the Medical Director.
All employees receive orientation and in-service on several 
emergency and disaster situations etc, including job/roll 
specific scenarios.
The organization maintains a posted sheet throughout the 
facility with instructions for individual emergency 
Further in-depth policies are located in this Volume, Volume 
7 in the Disaster Preparedness section.
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #294.3