Emergency Closure, Regional Emergency

Patients will be notified if the facility is closing as soon 
as the decision has been made by the Medical Director.
If the closing occurs during normal business hours, all staff 
will assist in calling patients to advise of the closing. 
If the closing occurs during non-business hours, the practice 
manager at all times has access to the week's appointments of 
patients scheduled for procedures.  The practice manager will 
be responsible for notifying patients. 
Should the area/community be involved in a regional disaster, 
e.g., terrorist attack, subway disaster, other forms of mass 
injury to the public, the facility will respond in the 
following way:
    -Activate the emergency closing procedure, depending on the type of disaster. The best person to

make that decision is the available senior most member of the organization. It might be evacuation because of fire, flooding, or earthquake. The appropriate drill will follow. 
    - Clinical staff will escort all patients accordingly and proceed to the corner of West 9 and Ave P, as  this is the designated meeting site.
-Should staff not be able to leave/reach their home provisions will be made to make them as comfortable as 
  possible with regards to food and sleeping arrangements.
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #293.2