Utilities Management & Equipment Management Plan

This organization participates in various activities and 
adheres to policy and procedure associated with the safe 
operation of utility systems and medical equipment that 
support the care of patients in this facility. 
The goal of this plan is to insure safe, effective delivery 
of utility systems that are used to support patient care as 
well as the safe operation of equipment and management of 
risk associated with equipment used in patient care within 
the facility. The following are objectives of the facility:
The following objectives will assist in the physical safety 
of patients, staff and others
  1. Ensuring operational reliability associated with utility 
     and equipment systems through staff education of  
     systems, inspection, testing and maintenance. 
  2. Evaluate and manage risk associated with utilities and
  3. Establish utilities and equipment maintenance
     requirements; both by
     staff and by outside vendors
  4. Monitoring and reporting incidents in which a medical 
     device may have caused injury, morbidity, or mortality.
  5. Using best practices including following manufacturer's  
     recommendations regarding utilities and equipment
  6. Reporting and investigating all utility and equipment 
     systems management program problems, failures, or user 
     errors that are or may be a threat to the patient care 
  7. Review and evaluate the scope, objective, and 
     effectiveness of Utility Management and Equipment 
     Management policies as needed, but no less than 

    -   The safety officer/committee as well as the Medical  
        director are responsible for continued development, 
        implementation and monitoring of the overall plan
    -   All staff are responsible for adhering to processes
        associated with utilities and equipment management
    -   All staff are responsible for reporting any concerns, 
        unsafe use, or failure of utilities or equipment
The facility has emergency lighting in the areas of egress 
and procedural areas.
The facility is equipped with cellular telephones as back up.
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #291.1