Procedures Not Acceptable For Outpatient Surgery

The following conditions disqualify the patient from 
admission to this facility:
1.  Cases where compromise of the airway is expected.
2.  Cases where considerable blood loss is expected.
3.  Cases where considerable postoperative pain is expected.
4.  Cases where patient is not ASA Class I or II.  Class III 
    patients may be done only at the discretion of the 
    Medical Director.
5.  Cases where the patient will have to travel more than one 
    hour after discharge.  
6.  Cases where anesthesia is expected to be prolonged.
On a preoperative basis, the attending physician must 
correctly evaluate the condition of the patient and the 
requirements of the procedure for suitability for outpatient 
It is the responsibility of the clinical staff to evaluate 
each patient's condition to determine if the patient is a 
candidate for outpatient surgery.

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #254.0