Drug Product Defects

Drugs will be subjected to a visual inspection before being 
dispensed.  Any medication which appears suspicious due to 
discrepancy in color, shape, or appearance will not be 
If the clinical person preparing to dispense the drug 
believes that a drug has been mis-packaged or mis-labeled, 
this medication will not be given. 
1.  Any drug which appears to be defective will be removed 
    from stock for possible return to the manufacturer or for
2.  Problems with drug quality, strength, purity, packaging 
    and/or labeling will similarly be removed from stock.
3.  Therapeutic failures, bioinequivalence and tampering will
    be returned to the manufacturer.
4.  A general notice will be issued to the Provider Staff 
    whenever a drug is discovered to be defective; should the
    possibility exist that a defective drug has been 
    administered to any patient, the attending physician will
    be notified immediately so that the patient can be 
    observed for possible drug reaction.

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #252.2