Guidelines medication administration and medication errors : 
Injection sites for subcutaneous injections are the outer 
aspect of the arm over the triceps, the upper portion of the 
thigh over the quadriceps muscle, or any area of the abdomen. 
 These sites are to be used unless specifically noted in the 
physician orders. 
Medications brought from home, please see MP.1. 
Drug reactions, please see MP.10.

Medication errors will be reported immediately to the 
attending physician, and an incident report form will be 
completed and this error will be noted on the Sequela 
monitoring record.  
Errors include:
1.  Medications given without an order;
2.  Outdated medications administered;
3.  Incorrect drug administered;
4.  Incorrect dosage administered;
5.  Omission of giving prescribed drug;
6.  Drug administered at the incorrect time;
7.  Patient allergic to the drug;
8.  Drug administered through the incorrect route.
9.  Medication administered to the wrong patient
10. Medication not taken by the patient (refused, cannot 
11. Incorrect transcription of orders.
Standard reference documents, including online PDR/Google search as well as 
information related to the formulary of drugs used will be 
immediately available in the area where medications are 
1.  It is the responsibility of the staff member discovering
    the error to notify the physician. 
2.  Observe the patient for any reactions and document all
    findings in the medical record. 
3.  Check with a Pharmacy consultant or
    whomever is responsible if there are concerns,
    questions, or an idiosyncratic patient reaction.
4.  Following procedures, file an administrative report for
    review by the  Medical Director.  This report is tracked and
    trended by the Quality Assessment/Performance
    Improvement program but is not a part of the patient

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #249.15