Emergency Return to the Operating Room

Any patient exhibiting symptoms indicative of an emergency 
condition which may be a complication of surgery will be 
returned to the Operating Room for immediate treatment.  
Any emergent complication, such as bleeding, wound 
dehiscence, change in patient status, which may indicate a 
complication of surgery will be treated as an emergency and 
the patient will be readied for return to the Operating Room. 
The surgeon and anesthesia personnel will be notified 
immediately and immediate evaluation of the patient will 
commence in order that a decision be made regarding further 
treatment.  At the discretion of the surgeon or the 
anesthesia provider, the patient may be returned to the OR at 
this organization or transported to the Hospital for 
admission to an acute level of care.
The OR staff will commence appropriate preparations and stand 
by until a decision is made regarding the disposition of the 
In the event of an emergency secondary procedure:
A.  Anesthesia personnel will be notified and asked to
    prepare for the procedure.
B.  The surgeon will inform the patient and the patient's 
    family of the secondary surgery.
C.  Designated personnel will prepare the patient physically
    (maintain NPO status, monitoring of vital signs, patent 
  IV, etc.) and set up the operating room/procedure room.
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #247.0