Patient Satisfaction Survey Protocol


We encourage patients to express opinions and/or evaluate 
their interaction with our organization.  The purpose of this 
policy is to provide a means for identifying areas of patient 
satisfaction and areas requiring additional study.


Intermittently, but as a minimum bi-annually, patients are  , 
HANDED a patient satisfaction questionnaire.Completion of the 
patient satisfaction questionnaire may be facilitated by 
mailing the form with a stamped addressed envelope for ease 
of return of the survey, having the patient drop their 
completed form in a secure box or any other method that 
allows for anonymous completion of the patient satisfaction 
All completed surveys are reviewed and analyzed by designated 
staff.  Individual patient's responses may include the 
patient's name at the option of the patient.  
Each series of Patient Satisfaction Surveys will be reviewed 
and summarized utilizing the Patient Satisfaction Study 
Summary Form.  Each current summary will be compared to the 
previous summary, providing internal benchmarking.
Should a trend be noted a focused study will be conducted on 
that issue with results of the study being analyzed to assist 
in increasing patient satisfaction.


Approved By Governing Board
Control #23.4