Emergency Systems and Alternate Power Source

Fire Alert System
This organization is protected by smoke detectors.  The 
following components of the system are tested as follows: 
all smoke detectors are tested 
This organization is protected by smoke detectors only.
    A smoke detector is an integral part of the fire alert 
    system; the purpose of the smoke detector is to detect 
    the visible or invisible particles of combustion.  The 
    smoke detectors area tested monthly.
Lighting and Power Systems
1.  Exit lights: are tested every 30 days for a minimum of 
    30 seconds and annually for a duration of 1.5 hours
2.  Fire alarm system: see description above
The defibrillator has an integrated battery back-up system as 
does the pulse oximetry equipment and anesthesia monitoring 
As necessary to facilitate safe egress, flashlights shall be 
kept in all patient care areas. The operation of these will 
be checked regularly.  
If a test of the system fails, this organization will 
implement interim measures to compensate for the risk until 
necessary repairs or corrections are completed.  After repair

the system will be immediately tested.
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #183.6