Non-Contaminated Medical Waste

Non-infectious waste is hazardous even though there is no 
exposure to infection.  It still must be handled properly in 
order to protect both the people handling it and the 
environment; it should be packaged, transferred, and disposed 
of in a controlled manner.
Non-infectious wastes listed below are potential hazards to 
workers. These include toxic chemicals, cytotoxic drugs, and 
flammable/explosive wastes.
1.  Chemical Wastes
    Chemical wastes include toxic chemicals and 
    flammable/explosive wastes. These wastes should be 
    properly classified at the time of collection in order
    to avoid mixing chemicals that are incompatible.
    Disposal of chemical wastes should be handled in 
    accordance with good safety practices and applicable 
    government regulations. The agencies involved with the 
    removal of these wastes should be informed of their 
    characteristics and hazards.
2.  Radioactive Wastes  
    We generate no radioactive wastes.

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #179.0