Job Descriptions

Management staff will work with staff members to assure the 
maintenance of a relevant, updated job description.
The employee job description will identify all tasks which 
are the primary responsibility of each job position.  It is 
assumed that everyone helps out where possible to keep the 
operation running smoothly; the challenge of the employee and 
the supervisor is to identify those tasks which belong to a 
particular position and mark those as a major responsibility 
for that employee or class of employees.
The tasks which belong to 'everyone' possessing the 
appropriate skills and training can be listed and identified 
as 'cross-training'.
There are few accrediting agency-mandated requirements as to 
composition of staff; e.g., clinical coordinator does not 
have to be an RN.  A physician who is very active in 
administrative aspects of practice would not have an 
Operations Officer.  Some offices have patient care 
consultants, some do not.  HOWEVER, these tasks are getting 
done.  Therefore, the elements of several job classifications 
may exist in a given job description.
Job descriptions are never 'FINAL'; they are truly a work in 
progress.  The best job descriptions are 'a snapshot in time' 
of a position at the time of analysis.

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #174.0