Confidentiality of Business Information

The confidentiality of business information shall be 
maintained.  The protection of confidential business data, 
terms of employment, surgical technique, marketing 
information, and trade secrets is vital to the interest and 
success of this organization.
Disclosing confidential information could be embarrassing or 
have negative effects on our position and operations.  It may 
result in adverse legal and financial consequences for the 
organization.   Confidential information includes, but is not 
limited to:
1.   Patient information
2.   Clinical protocols
3.   Customer lists
4.   Marketing strategies
5.   Financial information
6.   Employee data including benefits and compensation data
7.   Policies and Procedures 
8.   Forms
9.   Internal business processes and procedures
10.  Information systems and data
11.  Surgical techniques and innovations
Under no circumstances may any employee disclose 
organization-specific information regarding business 
practices, marketing strategies, patient lists, clinical 
protocols (except to describe procedures for patient 
education purposes), information systems, or policies and 
procedures without the express permission of the owner.

Any employee who discloses business information and/or 
discusses the terms of his or her employment (including 
salary, benefits, and bonuses) with fellow employees will be 
subject to disciplinary action--up to and including 
termination of employment.
There are three levels of breach of information, defined as 
1.  Carelessness: Confidential information is accessed 
    unintentionally or an individual carelessly accesses, 
    reviews or reveals confidential information.
2.  Curiosity or Concern without Personal Gain:  Confidential
    information is intentionally accessed or discussed for
    purposes other than patient care or other authorized
    purposes for reasons not related to personal gain.
3.  Personal Gain or Malice:  Patient information is
    accessed, reviewed or discussed for personal gain or 
    with malicious intent.
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #172.0