Patient Relations

Employees are expected to provide our patients with the best 
possible service and to treat patients in a courteous, 
respectful manner at all times.
A calm, serene atmosphere is good for our patients and 
minimizes the confusion of the most chaotic day.  Please help 
create a healthy, appropriate atmosphere for our patients by 
speaking quietly, accomplishing your duties with the minimum 
of noise and activity, and moving about the office in a 
professional, controlled manner.
1.  Employees should always remember that the patient comes
    first and is entitled to the same thoughtful treatment
    that the employee would like to receive. 
    Negative words and attitudes should be avoided.  For 
    example, instead of telling the patient 'Hold on' or 
    'Just a second', substitute 'Are you able to hold?'
    Other examples:  instead of saying 'No', use the phrase
    'I'm so sorry'.  Instead of 'There is nothing we can 
    do...' offer a positive alternative:  'Here's what we can
2.  When a patient approaches an employee with a question or
    complaint, the employee should give the matter his/her 
    immediate attention.  If a patient becomes abusive or 
    argumentative and the employee cannot properly handle the
    situation, the patient should be referred to the 

    employee's supervisor.
3.  Employees should be particularly careful to exercise
    courtesy and thoughtfulness in using the telephone. 
    The following procedures should be observed whenever 
    A.  When answering the telephone, the name of the 
        office and the name of the speaker should be 
        clearly spoken;
    B.  If the person with whom the caller wishes to 
        speak is on another line, ask the caller if 
        she desires to be placed on hold;
    C.  If a caller has been placed on hold, offer to 
        take a message if the person being called is not 
        available within a reasonable time;
    D.  When a caller leaves a name, number, or message 
        of any kind, make sure it is recorded correctly 
        on a duplicate message pad and given to the 
        appropriate individual; and
    E.  When using the telephone, all employees should 
        take and place their own calls.
    F.  VERY IMPORTANT: 'Smile when speaking on the phone.'
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #170.0