Employee Benefits


It is the policy of this organization to provide its employees with various benefits. Information and summary  communications illustrating these plans are available on a timely and continuing basis.


Workers' Compensation:  Workers' Compensation Insurance is mandated and is provided at no cost to the employees.  This program covers any injury or illness sustained in the course of employment that requires medical, surgical or hospital  treatment, subject to applicable legal requirements.  Workers' Compensation Insurance provides benefits after a
short waiting period or, if the employee is hospitalized, immediately upon hospitalization.
Employees who sustain work-related injuries or illnesses should inform their supervisor immediately so that an
appropriate report may be filed with the insurance company.  No matter how minor an on-the-job injury may appear, it is  important that it be reported immediately. This will enable an eligible employee to qualify for coverage as quickly as  possible.
Social Security: All regular employees are covered under the provisions of the Federal Social Security Law.  The amount
deducted from your wages for social security taxes is matched by your employer.  The total contribution (employee and  employer) is credited to your social security benefits, which may be available to you at the time of retirement. 
Disability and survivor's benefits programs are also financed through social security deductions.
State Disability Insurance: Employees who suffer a non-work related illness or injury may be entitled to State Disability
Insurance.  Certain benefits are paid by the state and are financed from mandatory payroll tax deductions from all  employee wages.  Claims on which to file a claim are available from the local Employment Development Department
Unemployment Insurance: A deduction from your wages is for State Unemployment Insurance.  If your employment terminates you may be eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits.  You must file a claim force in order to collect; 
forms are available from the local State administration office.
A Saving Incentives Match Plan (SIMPLE IRA) is available for the benefit of employees who work for this company for at least two years.  Comprehensive information on the plan is available upon request.

An annual salary adjustment plan is rewarded to all full-time employees beginning during the thirteenth month of employment.  This plan is at a set percentage increase every twelve months during consistent full time employment.

Depending upon the productivity and efficiency demonstrated by staff, this organization may occasionally provide financial incentive or reward by means of a bonus when economically feasible.  As all incentive and holiday pay is gratuitous and discretionary, this organization expressly reserves the right to alter, add or delete incentive or holiday compensation at any time.

*For Paid Time Off (PTO), please see the Employee leave Policy (#162.0 ET.7) .

Approved By Governing Board    (Revised July 1, 2015 - NG)
Control #163.0