Employee Leave Policy***


Our policy regarding the accrual/reporting of authorized types of employee leave is to provide the means of accruing hours to be used for approved absences as well as to grant appropriate time off to eligible employees for activities of  daily living, including holidays, paid time off including vacation and sick leave, bereavement, jury duty, and pregnancy. 


Our personnel will observe holidays each year as may be determined by management. A list of observed holidays is  maintained by the organization.
When a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it is usually observed on the following Monday OR the preceding Friday; time off for any given holiday will be announced in advance.
Eligibility for holiday pay begins after completion of the Introductory period of employment (#158.0 ET.3).
 Paid Time Off (PTO, Vacation, Sick Leave)
 PTO:  Paid time off may be used for either sickness, personal days or vacation, not including official holidays. Each PTO day is considered eight hours paid time during employee absence.  1. 'Sick days' require official documentation from a licensed physician who is not affiliated with this organization. Documentation must be submitted within 48hrs of the 'Sick day' to be deemed valid.  Paid 'Sick Days' may only be compensated on the actual missed day of employment, according to employees regular assigned schedule.  Documentation must be submitted to HR in person or via email to 'hr@guptagastro.com'.  Any documentation submission will be considered valid once the submitting employee receives a return receipt email by a designated Human Resources representative. Human Resources is required to provide a return receipt within two business days.  Any issues or concerns with Human Resources personnel may be emailed or submitted in writing to the Administrator.  'Personal days' require no detailed explanation or documentation. 2. 'Personal days' may not be combined with 'Vacations'. 3. 'Vacations' are considered five consecutive eight hour PTO days, totaling forty hours each.  PTO may not be transferred or saved for succeeding years and PTO must be approved by Administration and coordinated with employees in advance. Multiple vacations may not be combined and may not exceed one per quarter. Regular full-time employees accrue PTO in accordance with the following policy:
Years of Continuous Service as Full-Time Employment: PTO Allowance

  • 0 through 1 years:   2 Sick days; 2 Personal Days
  • 1 through 3 years:   2 Sick days, 2 Personal Days, 1 Vacation
  • 3 through 5 years:   2 Sick days, 4 Personal Days, 1 Vacations
  • 5 through 10 years: 2 Sick days, 4 Personal Days, 2 Vacations
  • 10 years or more:    2 Sick days, 4 Personal Days, 3 Vacations   

Regular full-time employees accrue PTO from the first day of employment.  No PTO may be taken during the first six months of employment.

Regular part-time employees are ineligible for PTO.

Employees are encouraged to take PTO on an annual basis. Paid time off may not accrue beyond the last day of each calendar year (December 31).  Any unused PTO by December 31 is considered forfeited.
Paid time off shall be scheduled to assure adequate coverage of job responsibilities and staffing  requirements.  The Administrator will approve all requested PTO in advance of use. Paid time off must be arranged by the employee in writing submitted at least two weeks in advance of the posted schedule involving the requested PTO. ALL PTO REQUESTS MAY BE DENIED BY THE MEDICAL DIRECTOR AT ANYTIME BEFORE OR AFTER ADMINISTRATION APPROVAL.

Approved By Governing Board  
(Revised March 25, 2017. by Neville Gupta)
ET.7 Control #162.0