Attendance and Punctuality ***

 This policy is designed to ensure a consistent environment that meets our patient’s expectations.  Each team member has responsibilities and their attendance affects each other.

Habits of good attendance and punctuality will be encouraged on the part of all employees.  Management recognizes that circumstances beyond an employee's control may cause absence(s).  Unauthorized absence or tardiness jeopardize patient care and cannot be tolerated.

Inability to follow the policies will result in a mandatory incident report. 3 Incident reports regarding attendance, which show unjustified absence or tardy, based on all applicable laws, and within any 12 month period will result in termination.


1.  Employees are expected to report for work when scheduled. Administration should be notified as much in advance as possible whenever an employee is unable to report. Failure to notify Administration of any unanticipated absence or delay in reporting for work may result in loss of compensation during the absence and may be grounds for disciplinary action or termination according to this policy and all applicable laws.
2.  Employees may be compensated during authorized absences according to "Employee Leave Policy - ET.7 Control #162.0". Authorized absences in excess of hours accumulated by an employee may not be eligible for compensation according to "Employee Leave Policy - ET.7 Control #162.0".  The employee must coordinate with the Administration to avoid jeopardizing employment status.
    Employees who are absent from work for two (2) consecutive days without giving proper notice will be considered to have voluntarily resigned.
3.  An employee must be at their designated work position during their assigned scheduled days and hours, beginning immediately at their scheduled arrival time and ending at their scheduled departure time, with exception to any breaks which are determined by law. Employees who will be delayed in reporting for work are required to notify Administration promptly to explain the circumstances and provide any documentation as specified in these Policies & Procedures.
4.  Excessive absenteeism and chronic tardiness are problematic and every effort will be made to assist the employee in correcting the problem. These behavioral patterns will be documented via mandatory incident report(s).
5.  Employees shall not be required nor permitted, unless approved by appropriate Administration, to work any period of time beyond the normal quitting or starting times for the purpose of making up time lost due to tardiness, unauthorized absence, or authorized absence for which the employee is not eligible to receive compensation.
6.  Employees are expected to report to work during inclement weather conditions unless doing so could result in harm to the employee.  Employees are excused from reporting to work when notified that the office has been closed due to adverse conditions.

Tardiness: Being late is arriving 15 minutes or more after your scheduled time. If late 3 times within any 4 week period, an incident report will be required.

Unannounced Absence: An unannounced absence is when no notice is given prior to your scheduled time. Any unannounced absence requires a mandatory incident report.

Announced Absence:  An announced absence is when written, or emailed communication is provided to Administration prior to scheduled arrival time.

  • Situation #1: Two (2) weeks before the absence date, an employee announces the expected absence to Administration.
    • Incident report required when:  Situation #1 occurs two (2) times within any four (4) week period.
  •     Situation #2: Twenty-four (24) hours before the absence date, an employee announces the expected absence to Administration.
    • Incident report required when: Situation #2 occurs One (1) time within any four (4) week period.


**According to "Employee Leave Policy - ET.7 Control #162.0", all excused and paid time off must be scheduled a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. Therefore, this attendance policy does not affect "Employee Leave Policy - ET.7 Control #162.0" **

*** All policies are created with the intention of following all applicable laws. In the event of a conflict with policies, Senera Medical Management, Rakesh Gupta Medical & Gupta Gastro agree to comply with all laws which apply to such conflict.***


Approved By Governing Board  
(Revised March 25, 2017. by Neville Gupta)
ET.5 Control #160.0