Salary Administration

Wages and salaries commensurate with training and job responsibilities will be paid.  Salary increases are intended to reward above-average job performance and are not given simply on the basis of length of seniority.  This is separate from any incentive programs created.
1.  Employees are paid on a regular schedule, available from the employee's supervisor.  The time period is 14 days beginning on Monday day 1, ending Sunday day 14.  Payments are to be issued within 5 days of the last day of the pay period, ie Friday day 20.  
2.  City, state, federal, and Social Security (FICA) taxes
    and employee-authorized deductions will be taken
3.  The law requires that certain deductions be made from
    every employee's compensation, including applicable
    federal, state and local income taxes.  Social Security
    taxes on each employee's earnings also must be deducted
    up to specified limit.  Employees must complete the
    appropriate payroll forms (W-4, etc.) as required by law.
4.  Programs and benefits beyond those required by law
    (e.g., health insurance) may be offered.  Eligible
    employees may voluntarily authorize deductions from their
    paychecks to cover the costs of participation in such
5.  Advance payment of wages or extension of credit on
    unearned or unpaid wages will not be paid.
6.  The supervisor should be notified at any time that an

employee feels that a check has been issued for an
    incorrect amount; the check should be immediately
    returned so that the issue can be resolved; a
    corrected check, if necessary, will be provided as
    soon as possible.
7.  A pay check is personal; employees are encouraged
    not to share personal information with other employees.  
    The pay check will not be released to anyone other than
    the employee to whom it is written--except on written
    authorization from the employee presented along with
    appropriate identification by the individual receiving
    the check.
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #159.1