The Introductory Period of Employment
All new employees shall be placed on introductory employment status, formerly referred to as probation, usually for a 
period of three to six months.  Upon successful completion of the designated introductory period the employee will be 
evaluated for permanent employment status.
1.  The supervisor will observe the performance of the employee during the assigned introductory period.  The employee will be counseled in an appropriate manner to allow successful completion of this interval.
2.  The employee's readiness for permanent employment status will be evaluated via written documentation and the supervisor will include a recommendation regarding the employee's future with our organization.
3.  An employee whose job performance is unsatisfactory may be terminated at any time prior to completion of the introductory period.
4.  During the introductory status period, employees may not be eligible for paid employee benefits.
5.  When the performance of a permanent employee sustains an adverse change in quality or quantity of performance or has otherwise deteriorated, that employee may be placed on probation for up to one month.  The employee will be restored to regular status once performance improves; failure of the employee to improve during this period may 
result in a re-evaluation of the employee's status within this organization.
Approved By Governing Board (Revised July 1, 2015 - NG)    
Control #158.0